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Dr. B’s Guides for Parents and Teachers – Child Vision, Learning, and Development

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Have you ever thought these things? Does any of this sound familiar to you?

“Why isn’t my child succeeding in school?”

“What is wrong with my child – why is he/she not ‘normal’ like other kids?”

“I was told my child has ADHD and ‘needed’ medication, but I’m not sure if this is right or if it will help with my child.”

“I’m so frustrated with all the testing … why is no one offering anything that actually helps?”

After taking history, checking health and visual function, the two lines I hear most often in clinic, are “Why didn’t anyone tell me that to begin with?” and “Why aren’t parents told this?”

These are two comments that bring both great joy to my heart, and still leave me heartbroken. In the first instance, ‘why didn’t anyone tell me that that to begin with?’ – it saddens me that yet another other child has gone without basic care, but I am still elated that we have found something that will help. In the second statement, I am thrilled that for one more person that ‘light’ has gone on and they ‘understand’, but still there are so many who have not heard what you are about to read, and so many children suffering and struggling needlessly because the knowledge is not distributed widely enough.

While all children are unique and struggle in their own ways as they grow, there are two comments I most often share with parents: ‘don’t panic’, and ‘don’t blame yourself’.

I am pleased and proud to bring this book to you, dear reader. Every week in clinic we see the results of when children and parents have struggled sometimes for years looking for answers and solutions for their children’s learning and behaviour concerns, only to find none – or none that have any real impact. Likewise, we also see the results of what happens when you take a science-and-common sense approach to diagnosis and therapy: We can easily remedy much of what people now call ‘learning disabilities’ or ‘reading disabilities’. Furthermore, we can shed light onto situations that often seem hopeless.

This book, and all of the ‘Dr. B’s Parents and Teacher Guides’ –

  • Answers some (if not all) of your questions about child vision, learning, and behaviour.
  • Helps to identify some areas of concern that you are now hidden to you,
  • Provides practical and cost-effective solutions to many common problems encountered by parents and, learning/behaviour therapists.
  • Expands your knowledge and understanding of why your child behaves in certain ways.
  • Describes concrete things parents and therapists can do immediately to help test and encourage positive development.

There are better ways of doing things when it comes to child development help. For the most part, something critically absent from most approaches to therapy is that vision is largely ignored. This is especially troublesome when we realize that vision (not ‘eyesight’) is our primary means of finding and making sense of information in the real world and in the classroom. When a psychology report tells me a child has ‘visual perceptual’ deficits, but does not show any findings about ‘vision’ itself, I wonder about the value of the report or having spent the time and money getting a child to sit through the testing. Likewise, when a family physician tells a parent that ‘medication’ might help without assessing visual function or offering alternatives, I know that physician needs to expand their scope of learning and reading. (Partly because use of medication is dangerous and often unnecessary.)

The entire ‘Dr. B’s Guides for Parents and Teachers’ series is designed to demystify the arcane world of vision and clinical science, and to also show you, parents and teachers, how to approach diagnosis and assessment from a logical and knowledgeable perspective, exchanging panic and anxiety, for calm sanity. The goal is always the same: Given that ‘knowledge is power’, I am going to give you critical knowledge and empower you to move forward with science and ‘evidence-based’ approaches. We will also describe where ‘evidence’ isn’t really what it appears to be.

I advise all readers to read ‘Fundamentals 1’ (the first book out soon) and ‘Fundamentals 2: Intervention Overview’ to begin with, then to follow through on the other texts in any order. Very often, a particular title, such as this one, will have specific recommendations for further reading/viewing and these will be easy to find by simply following hyperlinks right out of your Kindle reader. The entire ‘Dr. B’s Guides for Parents and Teachers’ series is designed to offer quick reviews of key topics, but also to make this information easy to find.

Finally, while these books are all written to inform and assist in finding solutions, I have written them to be more or less ‘fun’ to read, meaning, I am always happy to bring in playful terms of phrases, stories, sarcasm and observations that will hopefully carry you through, if the content itself is not enough. I am indeed having a wonderful time writing these – I hope you find as much fun and interest in reading them!


Dr. Charles Boulet

Professional advice, practical solutions, and a little fun!