About Dr. Boulet

Dr. Boulet in his natural environment…

Charles Boulet, BSc, BEd, OD

Practicing Family and Developmental Optometry / Public and Professional Educator

Dr. Boulet’s experience is varied and includes degrees in neuropsychology and education from the University of Alberta/Faculte St. Jean, and a doctorate in optometry from Pacific University in Oregon. He also holds a number of industry certificates in electronics, database management, operating systems and networking.

He began his professional career as an educator in 1990, teaching high school sciences in public schools. An early adopter of technology in the classroom,  Dr. Boulet was involved in varied aspects of instructional design and curriculum development leading to a new approach to science education. That school remains a top performing school in the Province. This time was followed by some years consulting in Adult Education and Information Technology-related fields as a consultant/trainer in communities across Canada’s Northwest Territories, including assisting in the final design and implementation of security systems at the Ekati Diamond Mine.

These days, Dr. Boulet continues to write for education and is working on a number of educational and commercial projects to assist parents, teachers, and therapists in addressing child development and behaviour needs.

Dr. Boulet also owns and operates Diamond Valley Vision Care, in beautiful Black Diamond, Alberta.

Read Dr. Boulet’s blog at GatewayGazette.ca where he offers practical advice and commentary on the state of child learning and development support in the Province of Alberta.

Read more about child vision and learning at LearningManagement.ca and ArchiesLaw.com.


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